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I’ve never heard of that beer before this week, but it seems to be the most popular there is around here.
It’s the little things that are most confusing, Vivienne commented.
I was amazed to see that there’s no Jubilee Line here.
And no one’s ever heard of Madonna.
She never made it big in this world.
And who’d believe that Colin Powell would have become President of the United States! The two of them sat together on seats by the jukebox on which was playing a selection of old pop songs, some familiar, some peculiarly and surreally different in detail and some totally unknown.
Quentin studied Vivienne with an approving eye as they sat down.
She was a little younger than him.
Probably in her mid to late thirties, but a woman who being so slender and assertively pretty now, must have been quite a headturner when she was younger.
She crossed her long slender legs, almost all her stockinged thigh on display under her short skirt (as most skirts were) and her blouse coquettishly unbuttoned under her smart jacket.
Vivienne smiled.
She maintained a healthy dental display behind her wide reddened lips. Ur_fantasy horny cam.
She pulled out another cigarette from her packet and lit it up.
I still can’t believe it’s true! she said, hardly able at all to disguise a genuine excitement in her voice.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist For so long, I thought I was the only one! So, where do you live and what do you do? wondered Quentin.
A fairly obvious question really, but he knew the answer wouldn’t be so obvious.
I can never be sure, Vivienne confessed.
When I woke up this morning I was living in a semi on the other side of town, but whether I still am I don’t know.
The number of times I’ve gone home to where I thought I lived only to find that the set of keys I’d got don’t fit in the door! And then when I wake up, I can never be sure where it’ll be, who I’ll have been sleeping with and where I’m supposed to be going to work.
I think I work as a project manager for Pineapple Computers, but I didn’t bother going in to work.
What use would I be if I did? I don’t know anything about the job I’m doing and I’d be useless at any meetings.
So, I just went to see a film, Martin Scorsese’s Lord of the Rings, and mooched about at Sunbucks.
Same with me, Quentin replied, wondering whether he’d started the evening with the halfempty packet of Benson & Hedges Gold Leaf he found in his pocket.
I think I’m recently separated from my wife, who I don’t recognise from the photographs on the mantelpiece, and I’ve no idea whether I’m still working at the brokers I was supposed to be working at yesterday. Womandirty denmarkpornstar.

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