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As Janeka got closer and the woman turned, she recognized Nancy.
The image of the two of them being fucked in the ass from behind whilst a sexy black man shot his load on her face sprung to Janeka’s mind.
Though it was the part where Nancy leaned over and licked some of the cum from her face, kissed her and swapped cum with her, which made her think that she might have found her match in the freaky department.
On the way over, Nancy lit up when she recognized Janeka.
She had really wanted to exchange phone numbers with her.
Having become quite friendly with her at the party, Nancy wanted to meet up with her again.
“Hey, Nancy.
” Janeka smiled as Nancy came up to her.
“Hey, Janeka.
” Nancy was really glad to meet up with her since she wasn‘t sure where she lived.
“I see you’ve had a good time.
” Janeka looked over at Tyrone’s apartment where he and Jamal were still talking a bit.
Oh yes.
Nancy glanced over at the two black men and then back at Janeka with a naughty smile.
Want to have a taste? She leaned in a bit closer. Blackluna_ chat animalsex.
Janeka saw Nancy discreetly lick her lips, and knew instantly that she still had the taste of cum in her mouth.
Oh yes, I do… Was Janeka’s first thought, though there were a lot of noisy neighbors in the building, and if anyone saw her kissing a woman, not to mention a white woman, she would never hear the end of it.
Even with the noisy neighbors in mind, she didn’t want to give up the chance to taste some delicious cum, especially not after a long day’s work.
Okay… Janeka looked around to make sure none of her neighbors had their doors open.
Janeka looked over at Nancy and almost immediately felt the woman’s soft lips and tongue slide into her mouth.
” At first, she was met with the sweet taste of Nancy’s saliva, but then her senses were overwhelmed by the strong sensation and odor of masculinity.
The taste of a man’s potent semen.
Mmm, wish you could have been in there with them.
Nancy leaned back and smiled, having kissed Janeka for a quick second.
Me too.
Janeka felt so horny.
What she wouldn’t give to be taken by Tyrone and Jamal right now.
Hey, would you maybe want to exchange numbers? We could meet up sometime… Nancy leaned in a bit closer.
And maybe get together with some handsome black men.
Nancy hoped that Janeka felt the same way as she did.
I like the sound of that.
Janeka took out her phone and tapped her way to her phone number.
Here you go.
” Janeka held up her phone whilst Nancy typed it into her phone and called her new friend up.
And there you go. X-karina-x anonymous lesbian chat.

X-karina-x anonymous lesbian chat.
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