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Alf gave Trafalgar’s hooves a quick check, ensuring the four shoes were firmly in place.
Trying to convince himself that his nervousness was out of character, Jack mentioned it to Alf.
The old ostler lowered the final hoof and stood up to face Jack.
Isn’t this how you felt before the York Race? he asked.
And what happened there? Before he could answer, a roar from the stands signalled the start of the second race.
Jack paused briefly, before answering, He won.
Jack, the day you stop being nervous is the day you start getting careless.
If you weren’t nervous, I’d be worried He gave his young apprentice, a slap on the shoulder and a wide encouraging smile.
Now, let’s get this beautiful animal ready for victory.
He shook his head and gave his usual chuckle, Huh, what the hell would I do with a farm? The roar of the crowd rose to a great crescendo before dropping to a low excited mumbling.
The second race was over.
Jack and Alf saddled and bridled Trafalgar, who occasionally turned his beautifully shaped head as though to ask what the hell they were doing. Janna37 wap for live sex free cams show world.
As they finished, a smiling Nate appeared all rigged out in the patriotic coloured silks that suited the horse’s name.
After fondly stroking Trafalgar’s muzzle he turned to tell them, Did you know the Prince Regent’s horse is odds on? What are we? Someone said eight or nine to one.
Alf pulled a face, That’s a bit low in a race of this quality.
Nate shrugged, His York performance may have attracted attention.
Jack asked him, Did you get to see Lord Duckham? Nate shook his head, He is here, but I couldn’t get near him.
The caller’s bellowing voice broke in, Parade ring clear! Time for the show, Alf laughed and led Trafalgar out towards the ring, with Jack and Nate following behind, discussing race tactics.
We know he handles the distance, Jack said, and Nate nodded his agreement.
With it being a mile, we won’t see much of the start from the finishing line, but I’m confident he’ll handle the hassle of the other horses down there.
I’ll make sure he’s kept quiet, Nate assured him , and agreed that keeping Royal Standard within view was the most obvious ploy, When he moves, Trafalgar moves.
There may be a surprise package in that field, Jack warned.
Oh, I’ll be ready for that.
But final furlong, I’ll have a word in his ear.
Jack laughed as they entered the wide ring where horses were already circling, and groups of owners, trainers and riders were spaced around, Just what is it you whisper in his ear, Nate? Nate grinned, creasing his young/old face, Only two words, ‘Get him’. Xcathyx real free sex chat with no registration.

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