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I want to know what you think a relationship with me would have been like.
Are we madly in love? Are we married? Do we fuck like five times a day?” I chuckled, “Oh, at least that much.
She took my hand, a playful smile on her face.
“I’m serious though.
I want to know.
” I took a deep breath, suddenly self-conscious about the whole situation.
Not two hours earlier, I’d been grinding my cock against Tracy’s sexy naked body in the shower–and now here I was, feeling inexplicably shy.
Come on,” she pushed.
“We’ve been ‘revealingthings to each other all day, haven’t we?” “Okay,” I sighed.
I took her mittened hand in my own and we strolled side-by-side through the neighborhood.
Some offkey carolers crooned in the distance.
Snow crunched beneath our boots.
And Tracy listened intently as I regaled her with the entire story of what might have been.
My ‘what if’ fantasy: “Go back in time.
Three years ago, tonight.
I pick you up around this same time–around eight–and we head to the carnival to meet your friend Ria and some guy named Connor. Horrnyjen free skype voice chat porn girls.
You’re dressed in those exact same clothes, with that exact same lipstick.
” “You remember the lipstick I was wearing?” Tracy asked.
I smiled, “I remember everything about that night.
I remember being so nervous on the drive over to pick you up, that my hands were sweating.
I remember being terrified that you’d notice that I’d screwed up shaving and one of my sideburns was a millimeter or so longer than the other.
I remember the moment you sat down in the car beside me–happy as could be–and I thought, ‘Man, I hit the jackpot.
This girl IS Christmas.
Bright green eyes and deep red lips.
Cozy and jolly and sweet as dessert.
Festive sweater, fuzzy mittens.
A nice girl who definitely belongs on Santa‘s naughty list.
Tracy smirked at that last bit.
Point is, I felt like the luckiest guy in the world that night.
” “But you still chose to go home with Ria.
” I shrugged.
“In real life? Yeah.
You and me–we weren‘t right for each other, Trace.
That much was obvious from the moment I handed you a bouquet of flowers, and you reacted like I had just bought an engagement ring.
” Tracy shrunk down a bit, embarrassed.
“I just get nervous when boys do things like that.
I didn‘t mean to be ungrateful.
” “You didn’t do anything wrong.
Me and Ria had a connection.
You and Connor had a connection.
The rest is history.
but— I gave her another quick kiss on the lips.
But we’re not talking about real life, here, are we?” Right.
“In my ‘what if’ fantasy, Ria and Connor don’t even show up that first night. Avaambrosia mobile chat sex indonesia 2019.

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