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I beg you Daddy.
Please make me yours.
The silence in the kitchen is deafening.
He has taken his fingers away from my crotch and now we are simply standing, staring at each other.
I have to do something.
I take the hand that has been rubbing my crotch and pull it to my face.
His fingers are glistening with my juices.
I slide two of his fingers into my mouth and suck them gently.
I feel slightly victorious because he does not pull away.
I continue to suckle my father’s fingers one by one and I love the saltiness that I taste from his skin.
I then, take his other hand and rest it on my left tit and I hiss as my pebble hard nipple touch his palm.
I am happy that I am able to suckle his fingers and I am happier when my father timidly squeezes my left tit.
I let out a sexy moan as he squeezes my young C-cup tit through the seethrough bra.
I push my soft mound into his hand and drag his other hand between my legs.
Rub my pussy please, Daddy.
I whisper.
I moan loudly as my father tugs my pink thong making the material tease my clitoris and my sensitive pussy. Adell4 free porn chat website.
He tugs my thong again and again while I begin to get more and more aroused with his ministration.
My body jolts as my father’s lips lick and suck my nipples through the thin material of my bra.
I am now begging for my father to give me more.
I am so happy that after months, I am finally having my dreams come true.
Daddy! I scream for my father as he pulls my nipples hard.
Is this what you want, Erica? He asks and he yanks my nipples harder.
yes Daddy! Oh yes! I answer.
You’re so wet baby.
How bad do you want your Daddy? He asks as he continues to squeeze and pull on my nipples.
So bad Daddy! I want you so bad! Fuck me daddy! Give me your cock.
Please fuck me! I scream and I beg as my father is now tweaking my right nipple hard while suckling my other nipple.
My legs nearly give away when my father ram two fingers into my drenched pussy.
I cling onto him as he pumps his fingers in and out my pussy.
It feels so good having him finger-fucking me.
As he teases my teenage pussy, he grabs my hair and pull my face to him.
His kisses me while moving his fingers in my body.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist I have been wanting him so bad that I can feel myself nearing my orgasm within minutes.
My father’s expert fingers know it and he heightens his assault on me.
I pull away from his kiss and moan out loud as his fingers pumps faster and harder.
I circle my arms around my father and let out a guttural scream as I come for the first time with my father’s fingers fucking my sopping core. Cool_alsu cam chat crossdress.

Cool_alsu cam chat crossdress.
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