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At the moment I am going to give you just six but I will add more if you argue, if you do not do what I tell you and if you try to stop me or stand up during your caning.
Do you understand? she said fiercely.
Yes, I understand but I don’t see why Alison has to be here.
Right, said mum, It’s now seven strokes.
Strip down to your underpants and don’t argue anymore.
I’m not taking my clothes off, he insisted.
Mum folded her arms.
Eight strokes. Violetatwerk adult video chat room.
Jack half looked at me before his eyes went to the carpet.
I stood to one side of mum so she couldn’t see as I studied his firm body.
Slowly he took off his shoes and socks.
Come on, said mum, We don’t have all day.
Jack glanced up again and saw me watching and again his eyes went downwards as he unbuttoned his shirt.
His chest was firm and muscular, then his stomach was revealed, not a full on six pack but he was certainly fit.
He pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the sofa.
Mum watched but said nothing.
He undid the belt of his jeans, the top button and the zip and started to ease the waistband down revealing his underpants and a definite bulge pushing outwards. Devilsmarie female butt models.

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