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They entered us just about simultaneously as Debbi and I both moaned.
Debbie and I traded some dirty talk about how great boys cocks were inside up side by side.
Debbie came first, and then Timmy and I came followed by Sam shooting his load into Debbie.
As we lay there on the Bed Debbie spoke up, You know Lauren and Scott would love this.
Oh shit does Lauren know too? Sorry Lauren and I were comparing notes about fucking and I told her we were meeting you guys.
Sorry but She really wants to try it too, Debbie said with a smile.
Chapter 3 – 1998 – A Sporting Chance Sara & Sam have a near-miss and Sara’s boyfriend David succumbs to temptation.
again! You will understand this story better and enjoy it much more if you read Chapters 1 and 2 first.
The Tangled Web is a story spanning several years, based on the complicated lives of a brother and sister and those they live with.
Set in the English Midlands, the tale is told through a series of interlocking short stories and is a comprehensive revision of a series I first published nearly ten years ago. Bettyfever kameralı camda canlı gay sex chat.
After a very positive response to the original publication of Chapters 1 and 2, I became more ambitious and started the expansion of TTW into a much longer work involving more of the characters met or referred to so far.
This also meant learning to write from other points of view.
This was my first story with a section told exclusively from a male perspective.
I quickly realised that despite 20 years of marriage, I still had a lot to learn about men! You can imagine the difficulties I had trying to extract background information and ‘advice’ on how men think from my husband without him realising what I was doing, or worse, misinterpreting my motives with potentially serious consequences.
This story gives the reader two ‘bites at the cherry’ in that there are two different sex scenes with two different couples, each with its own ‘twist’.
I hope it works as a story and that you like the result.
Again, I’m sure a good few ‘girly’ influences crept in on the way but I hope you will forgive them.
Jenny x Pinned to the guest room bed by his strong, athletic body, Sara looked up adoringly into her brother Sam’s face as it grimaced and contorted merely inches above hers and he began the familiar short sharp uncontrolled thrusts that she knew accompanied a powerful orgasm.
She opened her legs instinctively wider and bit her lip hard as he penetrated an unexpected extra inch deeper and the familiar, slightly painful ‘thump thump’ of his erection against her cervix began. Egraveres always free sex chat.

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