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As I fingered her more, Teresa reached down and started stroking my dick.
The harder I got, the faster my fingers shot in and out of her, which in turn made Teresa stroke me faster.
We altered our tempo several times, slowing down to barely any movement, then amping up to frenetic pace.
Teresa was the first to cum from our mutual masturbation, but I was only seconds behind her.
My cum shot out over both of us while her juices covered my hand.
Both of us were breathless for several minutes.
Fuck that was so good,” she finally said, and kissed me passionately on the lips.
“Amen sang the choir,” I said, amazed that I was able to cum twice in less than an hour. Nikkitiuspo live cam for sex.
Teresa and I rested in each othersarms for several minutes more.
The smell of the lasagne was filling the house, and as much as we hated to get up, we got off the couch and got dressed.
I chuckled watching Teresa bounce into the kitchen to pick her clothes up off the floor.
As I buttoned the last button on my shirt buttoned my phone beeped.
It was text from Teresa’s mom.
“Got you more wine.
Be there in 20 min.
xoxoxo” “20 minute warning,” I yelled.
Teresa and I quickly cleaned up as best we could and got organized.
I had to flip over one of the sofa cushions to hide a wet spot Teresa left behind.
We got the lasagna out of the oven to cool, the table set and the salad made just as Teresa’s mom walked in the door.
Dinner was delicious.
– – – – – – – – – – – It’s been about a week now since Teresa’s dinner visit.
I was sitting on that same sofa watching TV when there was a knock at the door. Hot-girlxxx uzivo kamere i sex.

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