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Juannita sexy snap chat wid husband.
I figured that if there was some way that I could get you handcuffed, you wouldn’t object to the results.
Tonight was the first opportunity to see if you would be the one.
I went for it.
She sat up, still astride my hips with my erection firmly in place.
You’re still hard.
Can I assume that means that you haven’t come yet? Yes.
Well, I’ve always heard in training that it’s dangerous to put away a loaded weapon.
Once again she began rocking, but this time for me.
She shifted positions, and suddenly the head of my dick was being rubbed against something inside her pussy that got us both over the edge.
Once again I began to shoot, this time into that warm, wet cunt as her inner walls rippled in time with my pulsations.
She waited until we could both feel our comingled juices run out her vagina and onto my scrotum before she lifted herself off.
As she brought her leg over, I got my first glimpse of her now well-fucked tunnel shiny with sperm; her pussy lips all thick and reddened, her clit protruding from beneath its protective hood. Roxxane_pops cam to cam mobile gay sex chat.
My tongue flicked out, serpent-like, as if by instinct.
Maybe next time, I thought to myself.
Maybe next time.
As long as she is in control.
I am weak.
Mentally and physically weak.
I wish I had the capability to will myself to leave, to tell him what I really think of him, what I know he thinks of me, and leave with my dignity.
I’m usually stronger than this.
Far stronger.
I can‘t fight it, not with the hold he has on me sexually.
My entire body is limp, rising and falling with the thrust of his two fingers inside me.
He kisses me, with the strongest passion, as if his lips were to melt with mine.
He moves his lips down my neck, along my collarbone, to my breasts, my navel, and gently forms his lips around my clit, sucking relentlessly, letting it build up again.
I cum around his fingers for the third time.
It’s like he gets off by watching me fall apart in his hands, waits for me to cum until I beg for him to enter me, to fill the void, because fingers can only do so much.
His do enough as it is.
” I mewl.
“What?” He asks sarcastically, looking up at me and digging a third finger deeper inside.
“I couldn‘t hear you.
I’m swimming in the Pacific right now.
” He sucks on my clit again.
“It’s soaking wet out here.
” He moves his mouth to my neck and probes his other head at my entrance, I guide my hips up, knowing it won’t make a difference, he’ll take his time, whether it be an hour or a minute from now, he’ll wait to give me what I want, so that he can hear me beg. Juannita sexy snap chat wid husband.

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