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I closed my eyes and tried to imagine that Dianne didn‘t see the bulge in my underwear.
She was unaware of my arousal, and I was relieved.
But then her hands paused.
Nervous, I opened my eyelids and looked at the woman straddling me.
Her face was locked on the bulge in my boxers.
My face turned bright red, and I moved my hands down to cover my crotch, bringing even more attention than before to my erection.
“Troy,” Dianne whispered, pushing my hands away.
She continued to massage my thighs as I sat stiffly between her legs, watching as her hands and fingers drew closer to my cock.
I could feel the pulsing arousal and pleasure as she tickled the hair right up near the leg of my boxers.
She was so close to me that her actions moved the fabric, and my cock bulged against the button holding the flap of cloth together Slowly, I watched, stunned, as her fingers moved upwards towards the button holding the last piece of fabric hiding erect cock.
Dianne’s fingers were becoming bolder, the massage moving up right to the place that my legs connected to my body. Bucefat1960 black gay men chat.
My cock was less than an inch from her long fingers, and I felt my hips thrusting upwards uncontrollably.
Shocked, my body stiffened again, my legs tense.
The fingers switched over to one side of me, both hands working on one spot.
I shut my eyes tightly, imagining things that I hoped would bring my erection down, but with no success.
Dianne’s hands switched sides, her palms brushing my swollen cock as they went to the other thigh to begin massaging muscles there.
A whimper escaped my lips and I opened my eyes, anxiously looking at Dianne.
I tried to plead with her with my eyes to stop, but I didn’t want her to stop.
I wanted her to relieve the tension she was causing in my loins.
Her face unreadable, her eyes looking down at my boxers, Dianne’s fingers moved slowly towards the button holding the boxers together.
Slowly, carefully, she undid the button.
I swallowed deeply as I felt the button come undone, and my cock popped out, exposed to the room.
Dianne laughed softly under her breath and moved her face down towards my cock.
I stiffened again, feeling her warm mouth lock around my cock, and her tongue began to lick me.
I struggled, trying to think about something other than the woman licking on my cock, trying to get the arousal out of my body so that she would stop.
This was wrong; I should not be enjoying this.
What would Carol think? Somehow, thinking about the wrongness of it, the disapproval my wife would show if she walked in at the moment, only aided my cock in becoming harder and it soon made its way into in her soft mouth. Little_foxy free adult camera.

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