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I had to use my hands to steady myself on the wash basin to get in the bath, and I saw her looking at my cock.
I sat down and she sat down on the toilet lid.
Teddy, are you alright? Yes I said why? I just want to know you are happy.
Are you happy? Yes, you are really kind and I like your house and everything.
EVERYTHING? she stressed.
I blushed all the way down and hung my head.
Uncle Reg hasn’t hurt you has he? I shook my head ‘No’ and she said, Well as long as you are happy.
Yes, Aunt Lizzie I am happy.
I like Uncle Reg.
Teddy I know what he did.
You were in his bed this morning.
He likes handsome boys like you and I’m glad it was nice for you as well. Sophie22cm web camlive sex greece.
But, Teddy, it is even nicer with girls so I want you to think about girls as well and not think only about men and she kissed my shoulder and went out.
I lay in the warm water and relaxed.
My bum hole felt a little bit sore.
She came back in with my towel and told me to get out of the bath.
I felt a bit shy being all bare in front of a lady, but I got out and she dried my back.
She asked if I was sore and I blushed and said I was a bit sore.
She said to lie on my bed she had a soothing cream.
I didn’t know what to do so I was still standing naked when she came in my room.
Lie on the bed so I lay on my back with my hands over my cock.
On your tummy.
I turned over and she opened my cheeks and gently rubbed nice smelling cream on my ass.
Then she told me to lie on my back and I did.
She took my wrists and moved my hands away from my cock.
It excited me that she was looking at it and then it started to get hard. Lovelaughter live webcams no singup.

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