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She actually introduced herself which was a bold move on her part, I was later to discover.
Despite her good looks and great body for an older woman Laura was quite shy, a tad on the submissive side.
I found her extremely attractive since I’m more alpha delighting in women who aren‘t quite as confident as I am.
We got to know each other somewhat during the run and when it was all over I asked her out innocently for coffee, hoping to seduce her at some point if she wasn‘t into girls already.
I do love a challenge.
She accepted.
I grinned as she blushed while I gave her my number.
I knew I’d made an impression, she’d just taken the first step into my bed.
I called her about a week later and we set a date for coffee.
Since school was in the Summer session, I was doing some training off the record for a few of the students and had lots of free time.
We met for coffee probably three times before she confessed she found me attractive.
The first time was almost totally innocent.
I’d touch her hand ‘accidentally’, laugh at all her jokes, made her blush a few times, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and treated her like a princess. Sammy_69 playboy free webcam.
The next two times I got a little bolder, complimenting her just to watch her blush, ‘accidentally’ brushed her leg with my foot while staring into her beautiful blue eyes.
The third time did the trick.
I suggested we go someplace and we ended up in my bed for the remainder of the day.
She opened up to me between lovemaking sessions that she’d always considered herself bisexual.
She’d acted on it once during her marriage, having been seduced at a time of brief loneliness.
I’ve encountered this before and delighted in reawakening that inner lesbian.
Our first lovemaking session was frantic.
She nearly ripped my clothes off me before we got through the doorway.
We practically undressed each other kissing our way to the bedroom.
We were in our panties by the time we hit the bedroom.
It was there I took control slowing her down.
I placed my index finger to her lips to stop her.
She gave me the saddest look ever as I quietly gave her instructions to remove my sandals before we got into bed.
I noticed she delighted in being told what to do.
I sat on the edge of my bed as she knelt before me.
Offering my legs one at a time, she carefully removed my sandal, not before lovingly massaging my calve and ankle.
She repeated her worship you might say on my other leg as I smiled down at her.
My praise for her actions was a simple, ‘good girl,’ which struck a chord in her eliciting a smile and a moan. Ra25 hindu kerala girls sexy chatting in web cam.

Ra25 hindu kerala girls sexy chatting in web cam.
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