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It was on Super Bowl weekend.
The theme was “Super Blow Bash.
” We had a pretty good idea what that would involve.
This time all female members had a room assignment.
The men were left to their own devices to hookup with a companion for the night.
The party game helped with that.
We had the pool to ourselves.
Nude bathing only.
Everyone was happy about that.
This event quickly turned into a nudist colony.
No one wore clothes until it was time for the game.
We finished dinner after dark.
A half hour later, everyone began to assemble for the game. Airablonde chat porn without sign up private.
The women headed for their locker room, the men to theirs.
A rack was filled with football jerseys and warm-up pants of various sizes for the men.
The women chose cheerleader outfits for their costume.
The bikini top covered a bare minimum.
To say the skirt was skimpy would be an understatement.
It was a simple matter of finding a good fit for everyone before heading back to the game room.
I felt like we were back in college only this was much better.
Once everyone had gathered and sat down for an after dinner drink, Hilda, the social chair, brought out a wheel looking like the Wheel of Fortune, but this wheel read, “Wheel of Fornication.
” In place of dollars, the wheel contained spaces indicating different sex acts. Sarasexy2017 skype chat online for sex chat.

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