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The sun would rise, and with it would come morning traffic, angry civilians honking and cussing, pigeons purring by my window… I wasn’t used to living in such a busy environment, but it was better than silence.
All that I was trying to repress would resurface during moments of still, calm, quietness, which was why I welcomed any form of distraction, even if that included noise pollution.
I was living in a small, one bedroom flat on Broadway downtown.
It wasn’t anything fancy or luxurious, but it was cozy.
The walls were painted an ordinary white.
My landlord had said that if I wanted to repaint, it would have to come out of my own pocket, including painting it back to white when I moved out, so I didn’t bother to personalize the space. Davihii group masturbation online.
It wasn’t like I could really afford to make my apartment emulate the Home & Style catalogue.
My ex had left me with nothing.
I hadn’t claimed for alimony or spousal support, even though it was my right.
I had never married him for money, and that was the point I was trying to make when I waved my rights and signed those separation papers in tears two years ago.
Nope, he wasn’t rich when we got married.
He was dirt poor and so was his family.
I was the idiot for following my heart when I really should have been following the money trail like every other soulless gold digger.
This was the price I had to pay for having a functioning conscience, and for chasing fairy tales that only existed in leatherbound books, stashed away in dust covered shelves of every public library. Steshas live sex chat front camera.

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