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His reply: Yes, the rhythm of our bodies moving as one will be the sweetest music.
And we will findour special song.
Duet in Moans.
I wrote back: Sweetheart, I’m looking forward to that rhythm.
a song and a dance of celebration for us, when we can get lost in each other and do and be everything for each other.
This morning, I woke up in the hotel bazillion miles from you, and I kept thinking of a song by Chicago.
cause I’m wishing you were here! Even though you’re far away, you’re on my mind.
Wishing you were here.
And I’d love to change my life and you know I would Just to be with you tonight, baby, if I could.
But there’s GOOD news, too.
I won’t have to miss you quite as long as I thought, won’t have to wait until Sunday the 28th to see you after all.
They’re going to let me fly home Friday morning instead of Sunday, so that way I won’t have to be away from you all weekend on top of being away from you all week, before I can be in your arms again.
The Friday morning flight should get me sometime in the afternoon. Jimenareim live sex chating usa aunty.
I think we can celebrate a new holiday together, call it MOTEL FRIDAY! His simple reply was a huge smiley face in 72 point type! That said it all for BOTH of us.
On Wednesday morning (24 th ), I sent him: I need to get dressed (I’m naked right now, so I REALLY wish you were here!) and go downstairs to make my presentation.
But we’ll be together, soon (NOT dressed).
Can’t wait to get back to you, and will let you know what I find out about Friday together in the motel, after I talk to my supervisor about taking Friday off.
It shouldn’t be a problem, since I’m flying home two days early and otherwise wouldn‘t have been at the office on Friday anyway.
Of course, I can’t exactly tell my boss I want to skip work to finally get to ride the hell out of you, but obviously that‘s how I’d prefer to spend Friday over being at work.
This whole business trip, I can’t think about my presentation.
I can only focus on how I wish I was there with you.
Let’s just say it’s perhaps a good thing you weren’t on the plane with me.
The delicious thoughts I had of you, had you been there to act on them, might have gotten us both arrested.
Miss you terribly, and look forward to seeing and holding you again soon, my sweet! Holding you and holding that special PART of you too! Mmmmmm! (shiver) My Sweet, he wrote back, Yes, I wish I could have been with you, too.
Too bad airlines no longer offer you those big blankets.
They can hide a lot of mischief! (wink) The feelings about missing you and holding you are VERY mutual, I assure you! Ydnas013188 android webcam adult chat.

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