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Unloading, he sprayed my chest with thick ropes of cum.
I wiped it up with my finger.
Some I licked up, the rest was licked off my chest by my naked partner.
We dressed and parted company.
I got into my car and started driving off then slammed on the brakes.
I instantly kicked myself.
I didn’t get either of their numbers.
I would have liked to have fun like that again.
Oh well.
Shania Taylor was too damned young to be a widow.
But, that’s what she was.
Her husband had been killed in one of those idiot drunk driving accidents.
Unfortunately, he’d been the one drunk.
Fortunately, he’d lost control and slammed his truck into a tree.
He didn’t kill anyone else.
The impact broke his neck, and left his 27-yearold wife a widow.
She looked stunning in black.
Her blonde hair and pale skin contrasted with the dark fabric.
As much as I pitied her situation, the vision of her in the short black ensemble stirred my ancient libido.
I shook my head at the paradox of the situation.
Shania Taylor was too damned young to be a widow and too damned hot to stay one for long. Aliaiu chat incest.
My own life had eased into a relatively serene routine that I accepted with an ease atypical of my natural tendency to seek out some adventure or another.
I’d never married, preferring the tranquility of occasional flings to the predictable drama I’d witnessed so frequently among my associates.
At the age of fortyfour I had been able to settle into a pattern of eat, sleep and work that satisfied my need for regimentation, yet still finding an occasional outlet for the intermittent craving for adventure.
Shania Taylor was younger than my infrequent female companions.
Most of them were married women, seeking an off-and-on bedding situation as their husbands traveled or strayed.
I never brought them home, preferring the anonymity of hotel and motel rooms and the separation of my personal life from recreation.
Shania and I had only crossed paths occasionally.
I was in 2B.
She and her husband lived in 3C.
They had to pass my door on the way to the parking lot.
It had been a warm July, with temperatures generally in the upper 90s.
This particular day the humidity hung heavy, although the thermometer registered a temperate 86.
I literally backed into Shania as she hustled past me while I bent to lock my door.
I looked up into her cool, green eyes and gave her a half smile of recognition.
The fucking elevator is broken, she said.
Had to use the stairs.
I nodded.
Usually comfortable in my own skin, I was really outside my comfort zone here.
I didn’t like dealing with death. Angelann pron girl chat site.

Angelann pron girl chat site.
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