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I rolled on top of her as she was proned out against the bed.
I was much bigger than her, I held her under me easily.
She moaned softly.
My hard cock was against her ass, she was giving me a slight grind against my cock.
I reached down between us and took my cock and placed the head against her wet opening.
She raised her ass a bit to allow me to enter her hot vagina again.
I slid in easily to a chorus on moans from both of us.
I began to thrust into her, while I kept her pinned to the bed by my body.
I didn‘t want her to move.
I wanted her to lay still.
I began to thrust harder into her.
She was moaning and grunting under me. Jadashow flashing boobs on cam.
I reached under her and began to play with her clitoris while I thrust into her, not caring about hurting her, using strong, physical thrusts into her, rubbing her wet clitoris, faster, quicker.
I felt my pressure rise, I was cumming into her.
I felt her vagina spasm against my cock.
It was an incredible feeling, cumming together, this stranger that took me off the elevator.
I held my body against her for a while, until I got soft and slipped out of her.
I slowly rolled off her.
She never turned to me, to look at me.
I awoke to a bright room.
The drapes were wide open, the bed was a mess.
I gathered my surroundings, realized I was alone in the room.
I got up and got dressed.
As I was doing up my pants, I looked out the window.
The hotels next to us were a lot closer that I realized.
I could easily see into the rooms of the adjacent hotels, maids cleaning, people going about their day. Angelnatali cams no sign up.

Angelnatali cams no sign up.
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