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It’s clear that you fucked up by handling his affair the way you did.
” “What? Fuck you.
Tell me who you are.
” “You will be fucking yourself if you don’t stop us from destroying his career.
Do you think you can continue making those big mortgage payments if he’s out of work? You’ll be lucky if you and your brats don’t have to move back to that shack you lived in before you married him.
We have an offer that can spare you that.
Claire has really been doing her homework .
Marianne‘s previous house was not exactly a shack, but it was much smaller than their current home and in a less desirable location.
What offer?” “Good.
That’s the first indication that you have any sense. Girlslittle adult sex chat without credit card and without registration.
We’ve been hired by friends of the woman you tried to screw over, friends powerful enough to salvage her and ruin you.
Women who see more value in protecting her than in tolerating you.
We can be civilized about this or.
less than civilized.
She wants your husband and she’s willing to trade hers for yours.
Your use of a chastity cage indicates that you want a certain kind of man, one who will serve you better than Oliver.
She’s tired of the slave she has and she wants Oliver.
Her husband is younger, in good physical condition, and has a steady job in a respectable profession.
He would look good on your arm.
He’s untrained, but eager to please.
I can personally vouch that his oral skills are above average for a man.
He’s in chastity.
He’s wearing panties.
He’s ready to be cuckolded.
He’s even willing to service your male lovers.
From what I’ve seen of his fantasies, he’ll do whatever you require him to do, even if they‘re black. Annakisss canada free sex chat webcam.

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