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This time, I was so totally into the moment that I didn’t think about the end result of my jackingoff with Abby’s panties.
When I finally came with a bang-my-head-against-the-mattress powerful orgasm, my juice landed on me and also on the panties wrapped around my cock.
When I finally got my breathing back, I realized my mistake.
It was a huge sticky mess.
I slowly got up and walked to her bathroom.
The panties were soaked.
I tried wiping them clean but finally gave that up and soaked them under the running water. 111malvina mature chatroulette webcam live.
I got them clean but now the question entered my mind as to what to do with them now? I finally decided to put them in the clothes dryer.
I grabbed her towel from the rack and put it into the dryer downstairs along with her panties.
I set it for thirty minutes and locked up.
I would simply put them back in the morning when I came over to feed the cat again.
Problem solved.
The next morning I awoke and had breakfast with Mom and Dad, then I headed next door to Abby’s house.
I used my key at the backdoor and went through the process of turning off porch lights and taking care of the cat and other assignments her Mom had set out for me to do. Ass_delight web4cam live.

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