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Sean asked if I had ever kissed a woman.
I admitted that I had and that I enjoyed it.
(I didn’t tell them it was you.
) I then asked Sean if he had ever kissed another man.
He said, “No way!” Sean then looked at Adam and said, “May I give your wife a kiss, to celebrate your anniversary? I mean, it’s really not fair that she has sitting across from me looking gorgeous all night and I don’t get one little kiss.
” I couldn’t believe it! While Sean is very attractive, I had never imagined me kissing him! At the same time I know Adam is not a jealous person but how often does a man ask your husband to kiss you?!? Adam sat there for a moment, took a sip of his wine, looked at me, smiled slyly and said, “Yes.
” I was shocked! Sean walked over to me and gave me a kiss! On the lips! In front of my husband! He has soft lips and it was a very sensual kiss.
Kissing another man in front of my husband made me blush! I looked at Adam after and he just sat there, smiling.
I was afraid he was going to be mad, but it actually looked like he was enjoying it! It was Adam’s turn to ask a question. Ekaterina1313 free trial chat and text older bbws.
He put his arms on the table, leaned forwarding and asked me, “Have you ever licked a woman’s pussy?” He knows that I’ve been intimate with a woman, so I think he just wanted me to tell the story in front of Sean.
I again admitted that I had (I didn’t say it was you!) and then I told them that I enjoyed it very much and I hoped one day that I would be able to do it again.
(Which reminds me, when are you coming back to New York?) Now it was my turn to ask a question.
I was still hot and blushing from that kiss so I was trying to think of a question that would get Adam back.
I decided to test the waters a little.
Can Sean touch my breasts, over my shirt? If he wanted to play the game, I figured, let’s play.
I was fully expecting him to say, NO! Instead, he just stared me in the eyes, smiled, and said, Yes.
He called my bluff.
Sean had this look on his face like he had just won the lottery or something.
He got up from the table, walked around behind me and softly and tenderly massaged my breasts.
My nipples were rock hard before he even touched me.
His hands were warm and strong and they massaged my 36 C’s wonderfully.
It was so fucking sexy to have another man touch my breasts while my husband watched and looked me in the eyes.
I took a quick look down and I have to admit, my cleavage looked gorgeous as he massaged my breasts together.
I’m sure Sean was looking down and enjoying the awesome view.
Eventually, Sean stopped and went back to his chair and sat down. Avroravip freesex x xxxanimal.

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