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I understand.
Personal bodyguards have a code saying that you can‘t get involved with the one you are protecting.
A green light from Dan isn’t enough.
” “Yes.
” “What other green lights do you need?” “Employers.
Bethany and Gabe already supplied those.
” “Gabe knows that I’m bisexual?” “Gabe is an astute man.
” “And who else must supply a green light?” “Well, you, obviously.
You can become something more than a client, but my code says that you have to be informed of my.
She points to her head.
“There is no conventional morality in here.
I learned right and wrong the same as everyone else.
And then something happened and.
right and wrong come from a guidebook, now. Michelsuny chatroulette rondon greek.
There‘s no belief in Heaven or Hell.
There is desire, fondness, affection, etc.
I can fake most of what’s missing, but I can do things that would convince most people that I am incapable of love.
And I can do them to anyone if the operant code requires it.
” “Could you do them to your son?” The question visibly stops her.
Her jaw moves again and again as if she is going to say something.
Finally she says, “I don’t know.
” “That’s good enough for me.
You have my green light.
” “Wait.
You don’t know what you‘re getting into.
Don’t dismiss this so.
” I’ve managed to penetrate her defenses twice, with just three sentences.
Okay, Love.
Let’s have a code between us then.
If ever your code requires you to hurt me or anyone I care about, you have to explain why to me first.
” It’s the first time that I’ve verbally called herLove‘.
It’s the name that I’ve had for her in my head since she let slip the unintended confession that she knows more about my past than someone who is just a bodyguard would. Bagel882 cum with me.

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