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You’re my Uncle Eric, she said abruptly.
In case anybody asks.
Okay, I agreed.
You got anything to drink here? I do, I admitted.
You think that’s a good idea? I’ve been sober all day, she said, twisting on an incredibly high heel to look at me.
Just give me one.
I need a bracer.
I took the bottle of good bourbon from the cabinet that served as by bar stock, pulled an old fashion glass from the next shelf over, and poured a healthy two fingers in it.
Water? I called.
Ice? Neat, she called back.
I shrugged, pulled down another glass and poured one for myself.
No point in making her drink alone.
Besides, I could use the bracing, too.
I walked into the sitting room to find her strikingly gorgeous, standing by the window, looking out the large window with at the promise of a sweltering day.
Gonna be hot, I remarked as I handed her the glass.
She looked closely at me as she took the amber liquid.
She half-raised it to her lips.
Then she pushed it toward me to clink the edges.
To future prospects, she said softly. Rebeccabanx xxx afrika.
I gave her a sad half-grin, nodded, and we both sipped at the bourbon.
Nice, she commented, holding her glass up and inspecting the liquid.
So, do you have any? Any what? she asked.
Future prospects.
She gave me a long look.
She took an equally long pull at the bourbon and looked back out the window.
Have you ever been in love? Yeah, sure, I told her with a soft chuckle.
A couple of times.
She fixed me with a look from her stunningly green eyes that said she didn’t believe me, and made a little scoffing sound in the back of her throat.
I fell fast and hard for him.
What I realize now is that it was the image of possibilities I fell for.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist I envisioned the two of us together, life partners, sharing everything.
We’d laugh together, love one another, and be totally absorbed in our relationship.
She took another shot from her glass.
Didn’t turn out that way.
Life, I observed, has a way of getting between us and our aspirations.
Helps if both of you are committed to the same vision.
What fool wouldn’t want to share the vision of this stunning, and apparently intelligent woman.
He didn’t have it? The vision? His vision was bikes, beer, and his buddies.
I was an accessory.
I shook my head and emptied my glass, feeling the liquid burn a warm path to my belly.
That’s pretty harsh.
I can’t imagine he didn’t love you.
Oh, he loved me, she said, a definitive sneer in her voice.
He loved the hair, the tits, the ass, the screwing, and the dinners made on time. Chloearchi american chat free.

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