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I ran my fingers through her blond hair and pulled her face harder into me.
Her hand stroked up between my thighs, up to my panties.
Her probing fingers quickly pulled the fabric aside and slipped into my wetness.
I moaned and pushed my hips forward into her hand.
She quickly straightened, and grabbing my hand, led me over to the chaise.
She pushed me back onto it by the breasts, and sank to her knees, her hands quickly finding the waistband of my panties.
I lifted my ass, and she had them off in a flash, then quickly parted my knees, revealing my shaved, wet pussy in all its glory.
She muttered something in Italian, then buried her face in my cunt, pushing her tongue inside me.
I let out an involuntary gasp, and she ran her tongue up to my clit and sucked hard.
Oh God! I cried out, Yes! My hands leaped to my breasts and I pinched and twisted my nipples, sending shivers of pleasure radiating outwards across my body.
She slipped two fingers inside me, probing around, thrusting, fucking, and her thumb pressed against my asshole.
She licked up and down my lips, sucking and gently biting. Fetishcouple online gay sex videowebsite confidently.
She turned her fingers upward, pressing on my g-spot and rubbing it, causing me to start rhythmically rolling my hips.
I grabbed her hair, and pulled her back up to my face.
We kissed again, and I could taste my pussy juices on her.
I thrust my hand inside her panties and pushed my fingers into her, lifting her as hard as I could.
I pushed her above me, until her nipple was in my mouth, and her thigh pressed hard between my legs.
I sucked hard on her, at the same time thrusting my hips to rub my clit on her leg.
I kept on finger-fucking her tight cunt, and her hand found my left nipple, tugging hard on it.
My thumb found her clit, and I rubbed around above it until I felt her take a sharp intake of breath, and I knew I’d found the magic spot.
I started rubbing back and forth , my fingers still inside and her nipple still in my mouth.
She let go of my breast, and supported herself with her hands on my shoulders, focusing on the rising tide of orgasm, rocking her leg back and forth on my clit.
Her breaths became shorter and I sped up the rubbing.
She began to make little grunts.
With my other hand, I pushed a finger into her ass, and bit her nipple, and that pushed her over the edge.
She let out a long, quivering wail, and her body shuddered up and down.
She went completely rigid and her breath caught in her throat, holding for about five ecstatic seconds, then she collapsed on top of me, panting.
My orgasm was really close from rubbing on her thigh, and I quickly pushed her head back down between my legs. Cumfacecpl adult chat rooms no sign up no download.

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