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To put the next dress on, Ginny stood in front on Vicki and slid it down her body.
When the time came to place my wife’s big breasts into the halter-top, Ginny said to Vicki, May I? Vicki replied, I was hoping you would.
Ginny had my wife face the mirror and stood behind her.
Ginny then took hold of my wife’s right breast and tucked it in the top, and did the same for her left breast.
Next, she came around to face Vicki, and took her time to adjust my wife’s breasts in each side of the crossover halter-top.
Vicki seemed to love the dress, as well as the sensuous maneuvers Ginny gave to her breasts.
In my opinion, my wife looked like she should be on the Red Carpet.
Fact is I got hard looking at my wife, and from watching Ginny touch my wife’s breasts.
As Vicki stood there admiring the dress, Ginny said, I also have this dress in a sexy Black and Gold.
The skirt is black, and the halter-top is gold, and it super hot looking.
Since we are about the same size, I’d be happy to try that one on, and then you can decide which one you like better. Lauandyx free live nude cam girls.
Should I do that? Did I just hear Ginny say she’d model that one? I think so, so I quickly said, That would be great.
And then my wife said, Yes Ginny, that would be great.
Ginny went to get the other dress and was back in a flash.
When she returned I asked her if she wanted me to wait in the store while she changed into it.
Ginny smiled at me and said, What’s a little bare flesh between friends, and then she said to my wife, Vicki, now it’s your turn to play dress-up with me.
Vicki approached Ginny and began to remove her blouse.
As she unbuttoned it, she brushed her hands against Ginny’s huge breasts, and when she had it completely unbuttoned, she took it off.
My, my, I thought, as I saw Ginny’s beautiful breasts in her sexy black bra.
I’d be remiss if I didn’t describe Ginny to you.
She stands about 5’4, and I’m guessing she is in her early forties.
She has radiant red hair to match her radiant complexion, and a fantastic body.
Both Vicki and I would compliment Ginny as to how beautiful she looks every time we visit her boutique.
With Ginny’s blouse now off, Vicki went behind her to unclasp her bra, and then she removed it.
Since Ginny was facing me, I now had the pleasure to see the breasts that have excited me every time we shopped here, and I was not disappointed.
In reality, Ginny’s and my wife’s breasts could be twins.
At this point, Ginny stood only a few feet away from me, and she could see my excitement by the bulge in my shorts.
Now with her bra off, my wife unfastened her skirt. Dante-hard sex hd usa.

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