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I carefully placed the cups over my breasts, and she reached around me to take hold of the back sections.
In one of the many mirrors, I saw her lean in and smell my hair.
She carefully did up all the fasteners, then I turned towards her.
I tugged down on the garment slightly, adjusting until my breasts filled the cups evenly.
She reached up and adjusted them sideways, and there was a tiny spark of static electricity as she touched me.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist We locked eyes for an instant.
You would like to try, um, how you say, panties? she asked.
I nodded, and she turned to retrieve the correct size from the shelves.
I pulled off my panties, and once again saw her watching intently in the mirror.
She handed me the flimsy garment and I stepped into them.
This time, she didn‘t even try to conceal her gaze as my lifting legs revealed my most intimate parts.
The fabric didn’t do much to cover my pussy, and the string disappeared between my lips, only emerging high up between my ass cheeks. Viagraangel bonga sexsi cam chat.
It was very pretty, and I felt incredibly sexy in the ensemble.
What do you think? I asked her.
Is perfect! she said.
I turned to show her from behind, and she gave a small sigh.
Your man will like it very much – I don’t think you will wear it for very long! We both laughed.
Do you wear the underwear you sell here? I asked.
Yes indeed, she replied, you would like to see? Yes indeed, I smiled.
Biting her lip shyly, she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a white bra with lace trim.
The cups were sheer, clearly showing her erect nipples and pale aureolas.
I stepped forward and gently ran my fingers across the lace top, slightly stroking her soft skin.
It’s beautiful, I said, Matching panties? She unzipped her skirt and let it drop to her feet.
The panties did indeed match, the sheer material showing a neat patch of hair above shaved lips.
May I see the bra closer? I asked.
She hesitated until she took my meaning, then unclasped it and let it fall away from her perky little tits.
She handed it to me, but I simply tossed it aside without looking at it and placed my hand on her left breast.
I leaned in and kissed her, a full openmouthed kiss, and she responded eagerly.
Our tongues wrapped around each other, and I gently nipped at her lips with my teeth.
She grabbed the bottom sides of my bustier and sharply pulled downwards, freeing my breasts.
Our nipples pressed together and we kissed even more passionately.
She broke free from the kiss, and bent to take one of my nipples between her lips, sucking and biting deliciously. Fantasyjeny www chatonlinepornstars com.

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