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Hotandsexy69 gambar sex lokal.
The operator knew men were hooking up in his cinema, there were several rows of seats, but there were also open spaces to allow better access for the patrons to mess around.
So, I paid my minor fee and entered the theater.
There had to have been about half a dozen guys of various ages.
A couple of guys in their sixties, a few others in who were middle aged, and one who was the same age as me.
I sat next to him, pulled out my dick and began stroking it to the video we were watching.
To be honest, I’m not sure what was playing.
I think he noticed me playing with myself, because he leaned over and whispered in my ear, Nice cock.
I smiled and replied, You too.
It was true he had a beautiful smooth dick, around eight inches in length with a lovely upward curve.
He was a twenty-something white guy with a smile as wide as his shoulders and hauntingly beautiful grey eyes.
I leaned in and kissed him.
He was receptive and we started to make out.
We were kissing and groping and I don’t know who started it but we started stripping each other’s clothing from each other and we drew a crowd. Misssexybomb web sex chat.
I drew our naked bodies out to an open space as we continued to kiss.
He fell to his knees and kissed my dick.
I looked around and knew we had an audience.
My partner took me into his mouth and slowly worked his way down the shaft.
My knees began to buckle.
A man from the crowd grabbed me and held me upright.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist We expect a show, the man told me and he draped his arm across my chest.
He gave my nipple a squeeze and my kneeling lover began stroking his own magnificent piece of man meat.
He hummed while pleasuring me.
The man holding me kissed my neck and twisted hard on my nipple.
I gasped in pleasure.
I don’t know when, but the man slipped spit lubed fingers into me, pressing hard into my hole and massaging me from the inside.
We went on like this for a while until my partner and I were about to climax.
I’m cumming, I said between moans of pleasure.
Harder and with vigor my kneeling partner sucked, and stroked his own cock faster.
I shot my load down his throat, and as I was spurting he moaned out as he blew his load.
He took his mouth off me and purred, Thank you.
I was released from the grip of my support.
I dropped to my knees and kissed my partner.
I took his hand and licked the cum off his fingers.
I turned around and looked at the man who held me up.
I need to thank you properly, I said with a grin.
I undid his fly and released his fat cock.
My partner slid in next to me and we sucked and kissed the cock of the more mature man until he took a step back and began stroking his tool. Hotandsexy69 gambar sex lokal.

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