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Huge chubby balls of lard.
She’d heard that this was the result of many years of sexual selection.
Overweight men and women were the ones who most attracted partners, so their genes simply became the most common.
This tendency towards obesity must have been enormously assisted by a national diet that was excessively fatty and sugary.
There were far too many carbohydrates and sugar in everything they ate.
And the aversion to physical exercise, as well.
Was it any wonder that people in Further Quitchland never weighed much less than a hundred kilos? After a while, Qafira learnt that there were more differences in the natives of Further Quitchland from those back home than just their relative corpulence.
Not only were they quite content to be plump, they had almost no experience at all of thinner people.
All the images they ever saw were of similarly overweight people.
And the images of sexual attractiveness to which they aspired were of men and women who in Qafira’s hometown would have been laughed at for their very obesity. Katerina911 live fetish chat.
And furthermore, these were people whose appetite for sex was way beyond what Qafira would have once considered decent.
They were always at it.
With almost no apparent discrimination as to who their partners were.
It didn’t seem to matter that men fucked men, women fucked women or men fucked women.
There was no taboo as to teachers fucking pupils or bosses fucking secretaries or even there being a proper time or place.
At least there were proper limits with regards to age and incest.
That given, though, there seemed to be no other restrictions.
It took a while for Qafira to get accustomed to seeing so much bare flesh.
It was quite normal for her to see bare breasts in the classroom or the street.
In fact, totally nudity wasn’t that unusual.

For her, initially, she found this parade of overflowing flab rather the opposite of sexy, but as she got more accustomed to her ample companions, she became more attuned to what could be considered physically attractive.
Somehow, people here associated size with sex appeal.
The more you had of one the more you had of the other.
And very soon, Qafira realised that as she had very little flesh in comparison, she was considered to be equally lacking in physical beauty.
This alarmed her.
She’d never thought of herself as especially thin.
Her breasts were not especially small, her waistline refused to lose evidence of a stomach and she was actually quite thick-boned.
But here she was quite simply the thinnest person that most people had ever seen. Hotcuteangel bedava rus evleri cam izlemek.

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