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I looked down at the silvery hair falling down around my waist, and I moved my hand up to take a handful of the silky stuff.
Dianne moaned softly as I took her hair in my hand and slowly caressed her head.
Her lips moved over my cock slowly, pulling her warm mouth up and down its length, caressing it with her tongue, her lips, her mouth.
I could feel the head of my cock pressed against the back of her throat as she swallowed me, and then moments later my head was poking against the roof of her mouth again.
A sound of pleasure escaped my lips and I closed my eyes, resting back on the bed, my hand still in her silky silver hair.
She was an expert, her mouth causing a wonderful feeling to rush through my body.
I was in no hurry but rather allowed her to take her time at the slow, casual pace as she sucked up and down on my cock.
My mother-in-law’s hands ran up the bare sides of my body, smoothing the skin and rubbing the muscles in my sides.
I moaned again, helpless to stop her as she continued her work on my cock. Wonderfulass teen dirty chat for free.
One of her hands left my side and found its way her body.
I turned my head to the side and watched as the hand disappeared under her skirt, and she began to moan as her arm moved.
She was playing with herself, playing with her pussy while she sucked on my cock! Shocked, I felt another rush of arousal flow through my body.
I could feel Dianne’s hot breath on my groin as she panted, sucking on me more desperately with less rhythmic thrusts, her arm wildly moving underneath her body.
She began to shake, her mouth stopping its movements completely.
My body ached for more of her lips and tongue, and my grip in her hair tightened.
Securely, but gently at the same time, I directed Dianne’s head up and down my cock, requiring only that she keep her mouth open.
Apparently aware that I was close to cumming, Dianne tried to lick at me with her tongue as I pushed her head up and down on my cock.
She lapped at me rapidly as her head moved up and down, her lips struggling to lock around me.
The shaking in her body stopped and her hand now hung limply at her side, her other hand still caressing my bare skin.
A moan escaped her lips around my cock again, and I again felt her hot breath against my body.
My movements, my hand pulling and tugging her head, became more rapid.
I could feel a frantic burst of energy wash through my body, coursing through my veins, and all my muscles seemed to tighten in every crevice of my body.
I cried out, throwing my head back, my hand tangled in Dianne’s hair but unmoving as I came. Lizevans situs live sex.

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