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You really have some hooters mom, I mean damn, Travis replied as he grinned, and felt me up.
I’ll take that as a compliment, and I’m glad you at least liked what you saw, I said.
He looked down at my boobs for a few seconds, and just smiled at them.
Did you ever masturbate thinking about me? I wanted to know.
No, mom, sorry I haven’t.
I never really felt that way about you.
before last night honestly.
Although, even if I did, the real thing is much better, Travis explained.
So I just gave him a kiss for that.
Is that so? It sounds like you are buttering me up now, I mentioned.
No, I wouldn‘t do that, Travis replied . Cummebaby situs video call sex.
We both got up, and I got out a condom from my dresser.
Well this is my last one, so we better make this count, dude, I told him.
He kissed me once, and we both grabbed the sheets.
They were very wet, thanks to the both of us.
We went to the basement, where the washer and dryer were.
I put in some detergent, and stuck them in.
I turned the washer on, and then sat on top of it.
He took a good look at me completely naked, and came towards me.
Give it to me, Travis.
You know you want to, I said.
He got right in front of me, and put the condom on.
After he had it on, he put his cock inside me.
I never ever had sex on the washer before, so this was extra kinky.
We looked at each other with some very lusty eyes, and then he began thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy like mad.
Oh, Travis.
So, are you telling me this why it always took you so long to do your laundry? I pondered.
He just laughed a bit, but didn‘t slow down. Maryhanblair real indian girl video sex chat.

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