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Sexualarous narrow hips girl.
He didn’t miss her full, lush lips, the glimpse of white teeth, and a soft pink tongue beyond when she gasped.
She had the slightest hint of an over bite that made her face more adorable than beautiful, framed by a fall of deep black hair spilling to her tiny waist.
Firm, round breasts pressed against the gold material of her scoop-necked dress, jutting nipples letting him know she wore no bra underneath.
Zak literally drooled….
He’d bedded many beauties before, had them by dozens at a time in his bed, tied down, spread out for his pleasure and dominance, but this girl….
I want her, I need to be hers.
… Zak blinked, rearing back before he crawled on hands and knees up the spiral staircase after her.
What the fuck is wrong with me? I need to be hers? He scowled wondering what sneaky spell she’d cast on him.
Oh, she definitely needs to be… punished.
Naughty girl.
His body tightened as his mind pictured what all that caramelcolored skin would look like once he peeled away her pretty gown.
Oh yes, and his favorite metal-studded cuffs around her delicate wrists and ankles would look stunning too. Blackgirlxhot porn gayالكاميرا.
Images of her strapped to his favorite spanking bench had him sighing.
He’d kiss, lick and nip her perky ass first, get her all hot and bothered, then, she’d feel the business end of his palm, let her know who was in charge—who belonged to who.
The thought of slapping her pretty ass a rosy pink had him moaning, Oh, yeah.
Persistent hissing intruded his dark thoughts.
Pssssssst! Zak turned with a scowl.
Remien Fyre, his irritating Alpha Angel brother, waved his hand insistently, whispering loudly.
Get over here! Aw, damn it all.
Zak growled at him, making the red-haired weredragon’s eyebrows shoot to his hairline.
He was not leaving.
That female had his name all over her and Zachariel Wilder wasn’t leaving until he tried her on for size.
Zak turned away with a snort, ignoring the way Remi hissed his name in irritation.
His eyes went over the room.
It was relatively clean, but everything looked very old, much older than the girl who seemed to be trapped here.
The ravenhaired beauty had to be a prisoner.
And he was going to save her.
The thought made him grin.
He imagined carrying her out of the tower, laying her inside his Viper and stripping her bare, telling her she didn’t need the old rags of her past life.
He’d dress her in diamonds, rubies, and pearls.
His collar.
She’d be happy and appreciative he’d saved her.
Yes, Master.
Thank you.
Please, take me.
… A hand gripping his biceps interrupted his fantasy. Sexualarous narrow hips girl.

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