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Even before my mind fully processed what I was looking at,” she replied in reference to the photo of Janet bound and suspended.
“It was as if a hunger was inside me, dormant, waiting to be awoken.
The picture shocked it out of its slumber.
I probably sound like a crazy woman to you, but that is the reason why.
” “You don’t sound crazy at all, Olivia.
I experienced something very similar to what you just described.
Only, I knew I had to do the tying.
” Olivia lifted her hands off her lap, placed them on the table, leaned a bit closer to me and asked.
“You understand what I experienced? You don’t think I’m crazy?” “I do understand, and I do not think that you are the least bit crazy. Isaacwild sexchat without webcam.
Next question, Olivia.
What do you have no interest in experiencing?” Olivia looked down at her hands and placed them flat on the table, “I have been struggling to answer that question.
I have no experience with any of the things Janet has explained to me.
Everything happened so fast.
Janet was right, I should have taken more time to learn and ask more questions.
” She lifted her head, looked at me and added, “All I am sure of is that I want to experience being bound and suspended, and that I don’t want the pain to outweigh the pleasure.
I cannot answer any more honest than that.
” I chuckled and stroked my goatee.
“You would be in control of the pain to pleasure ratio, Olivia.
Also, I highly doubt that more time to think about what you are seeking to experience would make answering the question any easier.
Ultimately, you’re quest is the experience itself. Sexy-couple36 thick sexy chating free.

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