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I soon shrugged out from under Barbara, and Brenda climbed down from the desktop.
Barbara sat down in my desk chair and watched me as I went behind the blonde-haired Brenda and wrapped my arms around her, grabbing a tit in each hand.
Soon, she lay her torso down over the top of my desk.
Fuck me, Gary, she demanded.
Fuck me good! I didn‘t need any more encouragement than that.
I immediately inserted the head of my cock into her sopping-wet pussy and felt my dick growing to full hardness again as it slid into that sweet trap.
I humped it into her for all I was worth, roaring with pleasure, lust and desire as I pounded away.
I looked over at Barbara as I was fucking Brenda.
The older, darkhaired woman had both her hands on her pussy as she watched me hump my hips against Brenda.
I could see three fingers inserted into her vagina, going in and out, in and out, again and again in the same rhythm as my thrusts against Brenda’s ass.
This time, we all came simultaneously.
My orgasm nearly buckled my knees as I roared and thrust into Brenda’s pussy one last time, leaving it there while it spurted. Cassiecagex sexting online now.
Oh, my God, YES! Brenda squealed as she lay on the desk.
She grasped her tits with her hands and squeezed the nipples.
Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh shit, Barbara moaned as she cupped her pussy.
That is so, so good! Afterward, we took turns in the small office lavatory, washing off pussies and my cock, with each of us helping out the others.
Barbara and Brenda took paper towels from the lavatory and washed down the top of the desk as I got dressed again.
I stood there dressing and admiring the two naked ladies as they worked, unable to believe my luck at having had them both that night.
Soon the blotter and all the papers were back on the desktop; the catalogs were back in Brenda’s briefcase and the office was back to looking as it had been.
The two women were soon dressed again, too, and the three of us walked to the door.
We exchanged kisses at the door, thanking each other for a beautiful evening.
Last night was…amazing.
I’m just going to write everything down in this email because I want to record it, but at the same time I had to share with someone just how amazing last night was.
I think part of the reason why it was so amazing was due to the fact that it was so spontaneous.
We were just sitting there talking and then it all just…happened.
Last night we invited Sean over for dinner.
I don’t think you’ve met Sean before.
He is that neighbor who is a floor down from us.
He moved to New York a few years ago and he is trying to get into the financial industry. Singlebrunete free mobile adult chat.

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