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A sudden feeling of guilt washed over me and my cheeks felt hot.
“Of course not, you’re always a welcome distraction,” I said, smiling at my private innuendo.
“Hmmm, I bet I am,” she mumbled, her tone lighter.
Sorry, what did you say? I asked, seeking time to digest this new development.
Should I wear the same dress again?” Her playful, teasing tone, now confirmed my suspicions and my heart skipped a beat as the implications filtered through the lust induced mist fogging my brain.
Although I’d spent the last halfhour fantasising about what I’d like to do to my attractive neighbour, it was simply just that, a fantasy, and I thought it couldn’t ever become reality. Yummymilky4u webcam porn animal nudist.
But, right now, I couldn’t deny what I’d heard and I had to decide whether to pretend not knowing what she was talking about or be honest.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
Then Suzanne solved my dilemma.
“I saw you looking up my dress, Dan.
” Shit, I hadn‘t been as discreet as I’d hoped.
Although she was only stating a fact, and there wasn‘t a trace of accusation in her voice, I felt like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
I held my breath.
What exactly was her intention? Was she going to demand something which I couldn’t or wouldn‘t comply with? This vulnerable position cooled my brief feeling of elation at being correct in my assumption that she’d known what she was doing.
“Don’t worry,” Suzanne giggled, “I won’t tell anybody.
It’ll be our little secret.
” ‘Can I believe her?’ I wondered, aware that if I’d been so indiscreet, the chance that Wifey had noticed me ogling Suzanne was more probable than I had expected . Slidog best private sexchat like chatomegle.

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