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It didn’t stop her either she wanted more of him, she wanted all of him.
Finally she had done it, she could feel James’s pubic hair bushing against her nose as she felt his manhood so deep inside of her.
Sally felt as though she was uncontrollably drooling with so much of him inside of her mouth completely submitting to her husband in a way she had never done before.
As Sally slowly withdrew from James to be able to breathe again he reached down and slipped the blindfold off her eyes letting it drop to the floor.
The light burned her eyes as soon as the blindfold was slid off, taking time for her eyes to adjust to the sudden light of the hotel room.
‘I want to look into your eyes,’ James said softly but authoritatively to his wife as once again he presented his hard cock to Sally’s mouth.
Sally opened her mouth wide as looked into his eyes just as she had been commanded.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul but in this case so much more as both Sally and James could almost feel each other’s pleasure as she took him once again into her mouth. Katerinarose2 live sex chat without registered.
Almost as one lost in each other’s eyes both Sally and James felt there hunger increased like a volcano building up ready to explode without warning.
It was James who finally gained control again, only just, withdrawing from his wife’s warm wet and willing mouth only a heartbeat before he exploded.
He had never cum inside of her mouth before as she had told her a number of times she did not want him to and he didn’t want to force her to take things further then she was willing to go.
Taking a moment to regain his breath James finally was able to start helping Sally back to her feet.
He used his strong arms to almost lift Sally up, still having her completely under his control as he did.
Sally was like putty in his arms feeling so submissive to her husband and so willing to do anything and everything to bring him pleasure.
James continued to guide her to her feet until once again she was standing next to the stair case in the hotel room.
Every touch sent shivers down Sally’s spine as James positioned her just where he wanted her.
He had her place one foot on the stairs next to them, the other on the floor.
By doing so James had Sally right where he wanted her with her legs wide open and exposed to him.
He moved behind her with Sally watching his every move now.
She could see him now but still had no control over what he was doing, tonight he was the master and she was his slave and she loved every second of it.
Sally felt James’s hard cock brushing against her buttocks as he moved behind her. Veronicats1 free no credit card or no trial cost adult chat sites.

Veronicats1 free no credit card or no trial cost adult chat sites.
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