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Clenching her hands, she approached in silence, pulled one fist back, and swung, aiming for the head of deep red hair.
The devil ducked last second and her fist connected with her beautiful dollright in his eye.
He fell back, golden tresses flowing around his face and body like the rays of the sun pouring down on all of them.
Son of a bitch, he roared, clutching his eye.
The devil snapped around to her and blurted, Sleep! Dragongreen eyes and blood-red hair were the last things Alluna saw.
Chapter One Two Earth month cycles later, Cygnus arm of the Milky Way galaxy, Crystalimuus sector.
The loud music flowed through Zak’s very soul, taking him, driving him.
His fingers, as if possessed, flew over the strings of the power guitar in his arms.
He stroked the instrument like a lover, loving her, controlling her, bringing her to fevered ecstasy.
The power guitar keened and cried under his touch.
Zak threw his head back, the feel of his long hair whipping his sweating back as he widened his stance.
He twisted sideways, fingers sliding down the arm of the power guitar, knowing he held the hundreds of thousands of alien beings in the arena enthralled. Wowtiger live porn.
Gritting his teeth, he arched back, fingers already sparking flames with his rapid arpeggio.
The multitude roared, shaking the ground beneath his boots.
She would cry out in fulfillment under his control, his dominance—and dominate her he would—master her, make her soul soar.
The image of the Arborian witch filled his mind, tormenting him as always.
He didn’t even know her name, but he’d fallen under her spell.
He needed to punish her for that.
No one mastered him.
He was the Master.
The thought of having her bound and at his mercy, hearing her beg as he teased her to agonizing arousal, made the blood in his veins sizzle.
Zak groaned, the feel of frustrated lust making him ache, even as the explosion of cheers and applause swallowed the last keening notes of his power guitar.
He had to stop thinking about that girl, or he’d go insane just as Seth warned.
He panted from the efforts of his performance, letting the fact this was his last show with Draconius Imorteus sink in.
Pushing back his sweaty hair from his face, he scanned the view before him.
Spires of ice soared hundreds of feet into a velvet sky dusted with billions of stars.
Laser beams lit each spire from within in a kaleidoscope of blinding colors.
Bursts of white light went off in the arena as the alien beings recorded the concert with their vid-crystals.
Zak looked up to see himself on all the 4D image replicators around the arena. Yulialuckyx how to chat online wit a sex teen.

Yulialuckyx how to chat online wit a sex teen.
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