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When they awoke it was late afternoon and they both felt wonderfully refreshed.
Each of their thoughts immediately went to what happened between Michelle and Brandon.
Michael found himself already semi hard as he realized today was the day he would learn about everything that his wife had done with Brandon, and more importantly, how she had enjoyed it emotionally.
They ate an early supper and while Michael would make references to what happened with Brandon throughout the day, Michelle took advantage of her ability to tease Michael and would tell him he would know everything later. Malushkaxxx bbw sax vedo kelep.
When early evening finally came they showered and prepared for what they both knew would be an emotional, but hopefully, very erotic evening.
They talked about what Michelle should wear and decided on a pair of thigh high nylons, heels, a pair of white silk thongs, and her sheer light blue blouse with no bra.
She took her time getting ready but no where near as much time as she took getting ready for Brandon.
Her mind wondered if this would be something she could tell Michael thinking this might excite him. Badboy871 sex chat vido bez registrati.

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