Lindaclay amazon.

Lindaclay amazon.
It was so tight and clean.
Even though the light was dim, I could see her black skin and pink pussy and taste and feel the warm juices flowing from her cunt.
I stuck my tongue as far as I could up her ass again and worked my middle finger inside her cunt and hit the magic spot.
Collette started pinching her beautiful big black tits and started moaning in ecstasy.
Fuck me baby, fuck me now.
She screamed in the car.
No baby, I want you to come all over my mouth.
I said.
Seconds later Collette exploded in an orgasm.
She had both hands on the back of my head and shoved my mouth into her ass and my tongue reached further inside her.
My two fingers were going along for the ride as her whole body buckled and twisted and she moaned.
Yes, fucking yes! Fuck I am cumming, so hard.
I am still cumming.
I can’t stop! Fuck my ass with your tongue, baby! Make me keep cumming.
She was in an uncontrollable state for about thirty seconds, bucking and twisting on the car seat.
I slid my head up and started playing with her tits with both my hands and lips. Shamarie chat to horny teen for free.
I had to taste and feel these beautiful big breasts.
As I was kissing her, I felt her hands go down to my crotch and unbutton my pants.
We shifted positions so that I was on the car seat and Collette wasted no time in stripping my pants down to my ankles and without a word came up and sat on my stiff cock.
My dick slid into her pussy so easy and she whispered in my ear.
I had to have your cock inside me.
Now fuck me good we need to get out of here before we get caught.
It didn’t take much as we were both so hot.
She rode my cock and I bucked my hips so that she could feel my entire dick inside her pussy.
We only lasted about two minutes and I could feel my cock ready to spurt a huge load of cum.
Collette was in the middle of her second intense orgasm and it was sending me over the edge.
Baby, I am going to cum so hard.
I said.
She immediately climbed of my cock and put my dick in her mouth to finish the job.
In seconds I was shooting a big load of cum into her mouth.
Collette was pulling on my cock to drain every last drop of cum out of me.
How was that for a first date, honey? She asked.
I can’t wait for the second, baby.
I replied.
My first thought was I have another fuck buddy! This has been a good week for finding girls to have casual sex! But my second thought was she was the hottest girl I had fucked in a long time.
She had the most beautiful skin, great body, perfect personality and didn’t want to get in a relationship.
We kissed good bye, I promised to call her in a couple of weeks when I got back and I was gone. Lindaclay amazon.

Lindaclay amazon.
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