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Knowing that my last bit of clothing may be the difference between my leaving this place still a virgin and my complete surrender, I reply, It’s all I have left.
Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist With that he removes his fingers from my panties, that’s when he notices the baby blue La Vie En Rose boyshorts I have on.
Very nice, he says, running a finger along the elastic.
I think he’s finally had enough of me as we’re no longer connected in any way.
But then he puts the two fingers that were inside of me onto his cock and begins to wipe my ladyjuices all over himself, blending our two fluids into one smooth one.
I can’t believe him.
He proceeds to put his hands onto the waist of his sweatpants and starts pulling them down.
Inch by inch, more of his glorious thighs and tight ass come into view.
He’s pulled off his Calvin Klein boxers at the same time so he’s naked in front of me.
He’s naked in front of you! My innerself notes.
Holy shit! As I’m enjoying his slow strip show, I realize he’s still between my legs. Sexyguys online chat fucking girl.
I guess that’s just in case he moves and my legs clamp shut to end his progress.
I don’t blame his caution.
He’s lying on me again slightly as he needs to lift his knees off the bed to fully remove the pants.
While close to me, he kisses me to remind me why we are doing what we’re doing.
With every last shred of fabric off his body, he kneels between my legs again and begins to stroke his monster cock with his left hand.
His right hand comes up to squeeze my breasts and he lets out a long sigh.
I don’t dare move.
I’ll let him get his pleasures out and maybe he’ll be too winded to complete this mystical ‘pearl necklace’.
He’s squeezing me and stroking himself, a mission clearly taking place on his face.
Then he moves his whole body up my body until he’s lightly sitting just below my breasts on my ribs, most of his weight resting on his knees as not to hurt me.
I place my hands on his abs as his cock seems to be coming for my face.
He removes my hands and pins them to each side of my head.
He’s holding my hands down while his cock nestles between my breasts.
Then he starts to move his hips back and forth, his cock moving back and forth between my precious tits.
He’s found a rhythm that he’s enjoying.
I watch in horror as more pre-cum gets painted onto the top of my chest and between my breasts on his strokes, coating me with his manmade lubrication.
His cock continues to get closer and closer to my face as he gets more into it.
I turn my face, not wanting it to accidently slip between my lips. Maybepvt free adult chat rooms without registration.

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