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Moyhyi mallu real grik online chat.
It felt gloriously wicked and sensual, the wet, slippery heat of her used sex, and she bucked her hips up, demanding that my fingers enter her, a demand with which I eagerly complied.
She was intently watching my face as my fingers explored the extent of her alleged unfaithfulness, biting her lower lip nervously before reaching up and gently caressing my face with her fingertips.
Does that answer your question? I felt like I was unable to draw a breath, lost in the wet heat of her sex and wrapped in our little fantasy.
I managed to whisper God! as she clamped her legs shut, trapping me, the inside of her thighs wet and slick against the back of my hand.
She smiled seductively.
I told you.
You come a lot sometimes, but nobody has ever filled me like that before, first with his big cock and then with his huge load.
It was pretty amazing! I…I still can’t believe you did this! I’m so confused… I don’t know what to do.
You could kiss me.
That would be a good place to start, a good way to say you’re sorry for leaving me sitting at the bar.
I should say I’m sorry? You’re the one that got drunk and screwed another man! Well, yes – but only because you left me there all alone. Wild_n_sweet free web cam woman.
If you had shown up like you promised this would have never happened! You do this all the time you know, and this time there was a price to pay for it, that’s all.
Maybe you’ve learned a lesson from this.
I lowered my head in faux-contrition, and then kissed her.
You’re right, and I’m sorry; it will never happen again.
This new hardass, dominating Allison was a pretty fun character, especially because I knew that it was 180 degrees away from her true loving, gentle, slightly submissive self! I’d never imagined she had it in her to play this role so convincingly! My wife never failed to amaze me, and never knowing for sure what was coming next was one of the things that constantly intrigued me about her.
That’s better! Kiss me again, my love.
I did, and we shared a long, deep, soulful kiss, our lips hot and swollen and our tongues performing a tango.
When we finally separated she pulled my hand from her sex and up to her mouth, and began to suck and lick the slippery juices of our lovemaking from my fingers.
She was careful to smear a generous amount of it on her lips before again pulling my face to hers for another kiss.
I resisted.
You have cum all over your mouth! I can’t kiss you like that! She seemed puzzled.
It’s never stopped you before.
Well my own, surebut not another man’s cum! I can’t do that.
She giggled softly, realizing that she had momentarily forgotten her little game and slipped out of character, while I was still engrossed in her fantasy. Moyhyi mallu real grik online chat.

Moyhyi mallu real grik online chat.
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