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I was almost screaming.
When he finally moved further down, I breathed a sigh of relief but then he reached my feet.
Oh My!, Who would have thought.
feet could be.
oh wow.
so sensitive.
Even in between the toes, under the sole, fingernails scratching softly.
my toes.
, Oh My God!.
By the time I was turned over onto my back my legs were trembling uncontrollably.
Again, hands started sliding up my legs outside the thighs, then the top surface across the knees and upwards, then inside calves and thighs and again stopping just before where I most wanted, most needed to be touched.
Over and over again until I was pushing my torso upwards trying to get the tiniest touch where it was needed and failing to make contact.
If my hands had been free I would have used them on myself for sure, I was that desperate.
Then Frank moved around to stand at my head.
More warm oils.
Shoulders and neck were caressed softly bringing me to the point of squirming sensuously as he found every nerve and muscle.
Then slowly down, ribs, down to hips, and back, fingers brushing along the sides of my tits, just missing the nipples and back to repeat the moves.
Then a tiny bit more contact with nipples, then a fraction more and then they were being stroked properly, oiled fingers letting them slip from his grip, teasing them to full rigidity, then caressing the whole thing, one tit under each hand, then sliding so easily as Frank moved along the bench until fingers finally found the soaking wet and so sensitive pussy. Penitrator01 sex chat room sexo.
At last.
Every nerve was screaming and still everything was so, so slow, fingers gently tracing along my wetness, then parting the lips to stroke the clit, More slow tracing the path and then two fingers slid so easily into the welcoming slit.
My breathing was ragged, as his thumbs began to rub.
Slowly at first, then harder and faster with each stroke, while talented fingers wriggled more securely into place deep inside me, before starting to slide in and out of my well-lubricated hole.
Then I was screaming as I arched my back and bottom clear of the table and all my weight on my shoulders and feet, as I thrust desperately at Frank’s hand while I was exploding for him.
As I sank back down, I saw Alison sat up watching me, a big smile on her face, obviously enjoying watching me come.
After a few moments I managed to get my voice working again.
Are you not climaxing?” I asked her.
She laughed, “Darling, I came twice while you were busy and beauties they were, noisy too.
Thank you, Will,” she said, smiling at him, “But you still have another to go yet.
” “That is okay,” I told her, a little shy at the thought of coming while being watched by Will, “That one will do me nicely, thanks.
” “Oh no, Marie, we can‘t do that,” she insisted, “Annie would get annoyed if we did not get what we ordered, wouldn‘t she, Frank?” The Greek God nodded seriously.
“I know,” Alison announced, “We will give Marie a real treat. Usamade adult indian chat sites.

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