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Fixing her with what I hoped came across as a more confident look than I actually felt, I finished up with, “Strange, don’t you think?” Rachel laughed.
Even I had to laugh at that, and we both grinned at each other as we made headway on our lunches.
As we worked our way through lunch, Rachel filled me in on the happenings of her day.
For the time being at least, we put aside the matter of yesterday’s walk, and Sunday’s re-match, and we were just friends again.
Perfectly normal, perfectly average friends, gossiping and chatting about the usual boring stuff.
I asked how Rachel’s kids were doing at University, and Rachel asked me if I’d seen the season premiere of ‘Flash’.
She knew I was a bit of a comic book geek at heart, and actually even managed to resist making a pun about my own flashing yesterday.
With the final mouthfuls finished though, Rachel dabbed her mouth with her napkin, and then gave me a serious look. Debica dog sex chatrooms.
Now,” she said, “are you in the mood for a teaser for Sunday’s escapades?” I had no idea what she was talking about, but was nonetheless intrigued.
I shrugged my shoulders, and gave a gesture for her to continue.
Taking my cue, Rachel reached up one hand, and delicately took hold of another button on her blouse.
As she did, her hand brushed the material, causing the blouse to open slightly and reveal even more of her white lacy bra.
It was a simple seven button blouse, and she’d already had a perfectly modest two buttons undone when I’d joined her.
With the removal of the third before the meals arrived, that only left her with four buttons left done up.
“I’ll do a little dare with you,” Rachel whispered, conspiratorially.
“If you go into the men‘s toilets and remove your underwear, bring it back, and hand it over to me,” Rachel stopped talking for a moment, and played with the blouse button for a moment, almost but not quite undoing it, “then this tiny, flimsy, little button, might just slip through it’s button hole.
” Rachel put her other hand to her mouth in an apparent look of horror.
Revealing even more of my sexy, lacy, practically see-through,” she was almost breathing her words at this point, the sexual tension rising with every syllable, “brassiere! Valeripro www telugu sex web videos com.

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