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Emma replied, Yes, Miss, and rubbing her bottom walked out of the room, still naked.
Both she and Miss Bentner knew very little work was needed to perfect the homework.
Emma walked to the door still rubbing her bottom.
Miss Bentner closed the door behind Emma and glared at Elizabeth who was still rubbing her bottom.
Her breasts were so beautiful.
Her nipples still erect.
Well, Mrs Carson? Was it as hard as Mrs Shilton? Harder, much harder, Elizabeth said between sobs.
Now bend back across the table so I can inspect you.
Elizabeth gasped but did as she was told, stretching her arms again to grab the far side of the table, keeping her legs apart.
Miss Bentner smiled.
She looked down at Elizabeth’s red wealed bottom and ran her fingers along several weals, feeling the ridges.
Elizabeth gasped.
It felt so good.
She raised her bottom and edged her legs further apart.
Mrs Bentner saw the movement and welcomed it.
She was ever surer Mrs Carson wanted an orgasm.
She rubbed the inside of Elizabeth’s thigh and rubbed against her pussy lips. Chikanice bez platni video cat.
She was soaking wet and gasped with arousal.
Miss Bentner ran her fingers along the soft pussy lips time and again and as Elizabeth’s breathing deepened so her fingers edged inside the 36 year old who welcomed the searching fingers.
Miss Bentner ran her fingers up and down, found her clit, flicked it time and again, and watched Elizabeth’s face turn into an ecstatic beaming smile as she reached her first orgasm.
Miss Bentner kept jiggling her fingers, flicking Elizabeth’s hard clit, bringing her to a second orgasm.
Still Elizabeth gyrated her hips and Miss Bentner brought her to her third orgasm.
Elizabeth let out long satisfied gasps as she subsided, spent, wanting another orgasm but knowing she was done, for now.
Miss Bentner withdrew her fingers slowly, gently, rubbing Elizabeth’s bottom again, and as she rubbed she spread Elizabeth’s sex juice over her bottom.
Normally Miss Bentner would want the attention turned to herself straight away, but she knew that first control had to be wrenched away from Mrs Shilton and transferred to her.
So she was happy to give Elizabeth her orgasms.
Just then Elizabeth’s phone sounded.
It went to the ansaphone but the message filled the room.
A very annoyed Mrs.
Shilton said how cross she was at the rude way she turned down Maisie’s offer to deal with her.
She can be sure that next time it will be Maisie who will deal with her when she comes to the house.
Elizabeth listened to the message as she was still bent across the table, still crying, still feeling satisfied with her orgasms. Zelly online live canada sex videos.

Zelly online live canada sex videos.
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